Key Business Processes & Functions

Health Care IT Solutions

We work very closely with several of the major Medical Software Developer companies around the globe. GVC's IT Healthcare Solutions can provide you with the facility of most reliable high end technology that has been tested and proven in the medical industry.

Portfolio of Products and Solutions:
  • Hospital Information System
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Document Management
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Medical Coding and Transcription Solutions
  • Medical Imaging Software Solutions
  • Infant Security System / Baby Guard Solution
  • Asset Tracking and Management Solution (RFID)
  • Patient Care Solutions (RFID)
  • Inventory Control Solutions (RFID)
  • Patient Portal
  • Ambulatory HER
  • Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Data Warehousing Solutions
  • IT, Hardware Consulting and Supply
  • On Site surveys and Consulting
  • Network Consulting / Installation and Technical Support
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Data Migration
  • RIS / PACS / HIS Integration
  • Tele radiology Solutions
  • Solutions for Cardiology
  • Solutions for Clinics
  • Solutions for Imaging Centers
  • Solutions for Oncology

Health Care
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