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Laboratory Equipments

GVC provides complete range of Laboratory Equipments. With our expertise, knowledge, global reach and excellence, we bring high performance equipment that gives our customers the benefits of our technological excellence.

We have the below mentioned offerings:
SterilizersLarge Steam SterilizersTable Top Autoclaves
Low Temperature SterilizersHot Air SterilizersMedical Waste Autoclaves
Drying CabinetsWarming CabinetsOvens
IncubatorsShaking IncubatorsEnvironmental Chambers
Orbital ShakersWater BathsBio Medical Refrigeration
Containers and Thermo StabilizerIce MachinesBlood Traceability System with RFID Chips
Table TopCentrifugesStirrers
Bain-MarieAppareils DiversHot Plates
ColorimeterSemi Auto AnalyzerAuto Analyzer
Blood Cell CounterGlucometerHearing Mantle
Microscopes (Monocular & Binocular)HaemocytometerDispensing Scale (Digital & Non-Digital)
FurnaceCounting ChamberBlood Gas Analyzer
RBC and WBC PipetteStop WatchMicro Pipette
ESR StandRain GaugeP.H Meter

Health Care Health Care
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